Rahma Azhari Hot and sexy Picture

Jakarta , RETURNS artist picture Rahma Azhari spread over in internet. Non a naked photograph, but pictures showing middle Rahma posed for hot with US man.

There is seven photographs circulating in internet. The seven photographs consisted of to be assorted of style. At first photograph for example, Rahma seen will smooch with a woman. In the next photograph, mother a the chlid is embraced by two mans. First man having US face. An other man which seems to have having age more than 40 years seems to embrace the section artist from other side. Rahma also seen amicable bergelayut to him. In third photograph, pose Rahma really hot. He embraced from behind by a man which the face enough lookers.

Four photographs remained, only shows middle Rahma posed for with its(the sister Sarah Azhari. Rahma seen middle of party, synchronized of clothes leopard.

Comments Rahma about the section photographs is represented the power of attorney Secarpiandy. Lawyer is having moustache that assumes man who is propagating the photographs to internet means kills the client character.

" Possibly a character murder, so that our client avoiding by people," he said when contacted by Tuesday ( 22/1). Secarpiandy also refuses taking a gamble on is two mans is posing for with Rahma, be father from child of the client. Like known, former husband Rahma, Rauf lays open if wife sued by it to divorce that is pregnant from a man of America.

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