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hot Foto Pevita Pearce Terbaru
hot Foto Pevita Pearce Terbaru
hot Foto Pevita Pearce Terbaru

By Hobbies, Pevita Pearce Real Not Paid

Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce or also know pevita Pearce showed his ability in the arts play a role with the theater. The young star was also active in theater at school and started to like it. Instead he wants to play more often in the theater. While still studying, Pevita also a balance between play and film school.

Playing at the theater for pevita Pearce not merely a hobby, at school she also did as part of the subjects. "So I emang like playing a theater, a theater school provides the facility but not the extra-curricular subjects and there was also its value. Therefore I make friends at the theater club. The end of each six-month performance to add value," explained Pevita encountered in Agriculture Kingdom, Kalibata, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, Sunday (31 / 5).

For him, playing movies and theater is much different. "Same difference movie theater is more difficult I think. People who can play the movie theater is not necessarily able to play, but people who've played the theater could certainly play the movie. The difficulty here have loudly ngomongnya, if you use the mic in the movie, here if one is not can be cut like in the movies. So how do you get so emotional audience is not down, " she explained.

Because doing a hobby, pevita Pearce not get paid at all. This is only the call of the soul. "This is the first theatrical play if there is a nice theater can go, hopefully happens on the backs. It's a hobby, the hobby ngelakuin be paid. Inikan call the soul, so that satisfaction is important," she explained.

Despite a promising acting career, Pevita not abandon school. He chose to share with the appropriate time. "Clever, clever I am for the time, how school, how to shoot. Never once fit again filming soap operas, but I missed the lesson so I had to stop filming for the pursuit of value," she added.

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