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Dian Sastro

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Dian Sastro telanjang bugil

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foto bugil Dian Sastro

Name Of Dian Sastrowardoyo known as talented actress strarting popularity through?via its(the role in film Ada Apa Dengan Cinta ( 2002). Its(the role as Cinta in film guide on Rudi Sudjarwo, also sends x'self as Indonesia Film Festival winner ( FFI) to categorize best actress.

Owner of name of this Diandra Paramitha Sastrowardoyo complete starts career in world entertainment by 1996 passing place Gadis Sampul and first time stars film BINTANG JATUH ( 2000) also stage manager masterpiece Rudi Sudjarwo. In the film putri couple Alm. Iwan Sastrowardoyo and this Dewi Parwati Setyorini plays together Marcella Zalianty, Garry Iskak and Indra Birowo.

The next film entitled PASIR BERBISIK ( 2001), in this film Dian Sastro bumps against acting with senior star Christine Hakim, Slamet Rahardjo and Didi Petet.

Through?via the film Dian Sastro finally gets award as characterization of best woman at International Film Festival of Singapore ( 2002) and Asian Film Festival in Deauville, France ( 2002).

Star which still be noted as coed Faculty Filsafat Universitas Indonesia generation 2001 and middle tills this skripsi have ever braided love affair with Abi Yapto, child of entrepreneur distinguised, Yapto S Soerjosoemarno, and ends around August 2006. Good of Dian and Abi refuse to comment farther with its(the break cause the relation of they.

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